Las Americas Beach

Las Americas Beach Tenerife

Las Americas beach is one of the main touristic areas of Tenerife, which has a luxury status and is located on the southwest coast of the island. It is well known for its incredible natural and artificial beaches, as well as the possibility of surfing and even having an active nightlife. However, in addition to … Read more

Things to do in Tenerife

Things To do in Tenerife

When you know all the things to do in Tenerife you discover a universe of options that invites you to always be in contact with this incredible island, where young and old will enjoy unique and unrepeatable experiences. If you want to know all the itineraries you can enjoy in this wonderful place, we invite … Read more

Activities to do with children in Tenerife


The vacation time is very important, especially when this time is in family. The smallest people of the house are waiting anxiously holidays. Therefore, you should think of activities that keep them entertained and remember growing up. Both children and adults enjoy the most of the sea. Just being on the beach playing in the … Read more

Diving Tenerife


As Tenerife is one of the best touristic destinies you can go around in your vacations, also has some amazing activities to do. And diving is one of them. This island has a lot of places to go diving and have and unforgettable experience while you have a good time. These have a very good … Read more

Puerto Colon Tenerife


Summer comes and it is time for new adventures alive. Nature gives you endless options to explore, but you must face them in the hands of the best services we can offer you. One of the most beautiful places you can visit, and from there explore other is Puerto Colon Tenerife. With our luxurious ships … Read more

Best Beaches in Tenerife

BEST beaches in Tenerife

With almost 400 km of perimeter, Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands archipelago. This paradise is the favorite destination for millions of tourists due to its subtropical climate with temperatures that do not fall below 22 °, as well as exquisite cuisine, natural wealth and the tranquility of its people. But especially … Read more