Why is Los Gigantes One of the Main Touristic Zones in Tenerife?

Los Gigantes can be categorized as the modern part of Tenerife, and one of the most iconic places, which has such a combination of natural landscapes and human architecture that makes it unique.

There are A LOT of different activities, places and hotels in Los Gigantes that could maybe, confuse you a lot. However, we give you a resume with the most relevant of all for you to enjoy your stay as much as possible.

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Things to do in los Gigantes Tenerife

Visit los Gigantes cliffs

Visit Los Gigantes Cliffs

Located at Tenerife’s west coast, Los Gigantes cliffs are one of the most spectacular landscapes in the island.

Its impressive rocky vertical walls have heights that can go up to 600 meters, prolong their extension from Los Gigantes port to Punta de Teno, the westernmost end of the island. So you can have an idea of how big they are.

There are different rides through this natural beauty, where you can see marine species such as whales and dolphins, do high fishing and even making a parade to take a bath in these waters. Don’t worry, there aren’t any dangerous species.

Going to boat trips

Making a boat trip is an outstanding way of meeting Tenerife, and in this case, Los Gigantes.

There are many boat charters that can give you and good look about this region, with a lot of amenities to enjoy your trip the most.

In fact, we offer specific tours to Los Gigantes when its about private charters from 6 hours ahead. Maybe you would ask why is it so long? Well, if you really want to see all the magic that this island has within, is necessary to take long and relaxing trips.

If you decide to make a trip with us, is important to remark that it includes:

  • Digging on board
  • Snacks & fruits
  • Paella or chicken with Canarian potatoes and selection of mojos
  • Drinks
  • Much more

Enjoying the beach

The beach is one of Tenerife’s main attractions. If you visit Los Gigantes is mandatory to go to its watering places.

There are basically two important beaches in this part of the island: Los Guios (also known as Argel) and De La Arena. We’ll be talking about them ahead so you can see what you can find is these amazing and relaxing places.

Diving in Los Gigantes

Diving in crystalline waters full of exotic marine species is one of the most outstanding experience you can have in your visit to Los Gigantes.

In fact, there are a lot of specialized diving centers that make easier and safer this activity, and enjoy the atlantic’s ocean blue. Snorkeling is also possible to be done in the area.

Los Gigantes Diving Centre

Located at Poblado Marinero street, this is probably the most popular professional diving local not just in Los Gigantes, but in whole Tenerife.
Actually, and how we mention in other post about diving in Tenerife, these are waters that could be dived even if you are and inexperienced in this activity. This diving center will give you all the necessary equipment and guidance to guarantee you can have a great experience without any issues.

Also, this place is known for the possibility of encountering dolphins, in addition to other marine species.

Beaches at Los Gigantes Tenerife

Beaches in Los Gigantes

As we previously explain, the beach is one of the main attractions in the whole island.

Crystalline waters, beautiful landscapes and many activities that can be done around them are just one of all the features they have.

Los Guios beach (Playa los Guios)

Playa de los Guios Tenerife

This is the beach that you see nailed to Los Gigantes cliffs, scenery that gives it an impressive beauty just surpassed by the relax you can get into its waters.

Also known as Argel, it counts with a very particular characteristic: Black sand. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. All the opposite: Is a type of sand with many therapeutic benefits for your health. In addition to this, its waters are very quiet, perfect to get an stress debug.

The beach located at Santiago del Teide’s municipality is an unique place not just for its amazing views to the cliffs, but for all the services, restaurants and activities you can do such as:

  • Scuba diving
  • Boat trips
  • Others

Sand’s beach (Playa de la Arena)

Playa de la Arena Tenerife

A very appreciated beach by both tourists and residents, with a quiet environment that makes it a perfect place to visit with family. In addition, it counts with the “blue flag” distinction, which accredits high quality services and water conditions.

For all visitors is a pleasure to swim on its transparent watersor take a walk around the coast of a beach that is located at Puerto Santiago, where you can find numerous touristic establishments and quality restaurants where you can taste canarian typical dishes.

Is important to highlight that, if you love diving, this is a very famous inmersion point in the island. Many diving clubs choose its rich sea bottoms.

Some of playa de la arena most popular services are:

  • Hammock and umbrella rental
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Cleaning service
  • Guardpost with lifeguard
  • Showers
  • Much more

Hotels in Los Gigantes

If Tenerife is known for something, is for the high quality of all the hotels that are in the island.

Because it’s a highly touristic area, all the Hotels located in this canarian island tend to have a minimum of 4 star rating, and it also happens a lot in Los Gigantes locality.

For this reason, it could be an exhausting task to find a hotel that could really like you, due all of them have certain services and amenities that change and can fit better with your tastes.

Below we give you a list with three of the best hotels in the area (with different characteristics) so you don’t have to be stressed about which one to pick and also you can see the one that better fit your tastes.

Sensimar Los Gigantes

Sensimar Los Gigantes Hotel

Modern hotel with elegant suites and minimalistic restaurant, 2 bars and an outdoor pool.

Before going ahead with all the features this hotel has, is important to remark that it is made just for adults. So it’s ideal if you are planning to make a romantic trip with your couple or even when its about taking a vacation with some friends and enjoy the party life that the island can offer.

Some of its more outstanding services are:

  • Free wi-fi connection
  • Room service
  • No smokers establishment
  • Exchange house
  • Laundry service
  • Tennis court
  • Gym
  • Others

Sensimar los Gigantes hotel is located at Los Gigantes cliffs and count with sea view, so you can just imagine the possibilities from that amazing point. It is also located 2,3 km away from playa de la arena, and 28 km from Teide’s National Park.

You can enjoy a night in this hotel starting from 148€.

Royal Sun Resort Tenerife

Modern apartments with free wi-fi connection, terraces, a restaurant, 2 outdoor pools and squash court.

This is a luxury resort next to Los Gigantes cliffs that have sea views. It is located 2,3 km away from playa de la arena and 20 km from “Macizo del Teno” volcanic formation. In fact, this is the Sensimar los Gigantes’ “neighbor”.

The hotel has many amenities such as: Restaurant with terrace included, cafeteria and grocery store. among the rest of the services there are included 2 outdoors pools (one for adults and other for kids), massage center, playground, golf course, kitchen in every suite and much more!

You can reserve a suite in Royal Sun Resort Tenerife for 139€ per night.

Be Live Family Costa Los Gigantes

The last from our favorite hotels in Los Gigantes is the cheapest one from the three explained. But it doesn’t mean it has less quality than the other two. All the opposite, Be Live Family Costa Los Gigantes have amazing features that are important to remark.

It consist in informal rooms and suites in a spacious hotel with the incredible amount of 6 pools, 2 restaurants and 5 bars. In addition to this, Be Live Family Costa Los Gigantes have everything included starting from 115€ per night.

Some of the most remarkable aspects that the hotel has are:

  • Balcony in the majority of the suites
  • Spa with steam showers
  • Tennis court
  • Adventure park for kids
  • Gym
  • Free breakfast
  • Laundry service
  • Much more

From here, you are just 12 minutes away (by walking) from the cliff’s rocky formations and 13 minutes from playa de la arena.

As you can see, there are many activities to do and places to visit in one of the most modern and popular localities in Tenerife.

Of course, there are a lot of aspects more we could highlight but this a resume of what you can find in Los Gigantes.

If you have already visited this area, just leave your impression and recommendation in comments!


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