Activities to do with children in Tenerife


The vacation time is very important, especially when this time is in family. The smallest people of the house are waiting anxiously holidays. Therefore, you should think of activities that keep them entertained and remember growing up.

Both children and adults enjoy the most of the sea. Just being on the beach playing in the sand, sunbathing or swimming all day, it is synonymous with joy and a great holiday.

However, surely you deserve more and your children as well. So if you think about having a rest and recreation time off than usual, you should think about traveling to Tenerife.

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Best things to do with children in Tenerife

In this coastal location there are many activities that children, and you, you can do: as diving, ocean excursions, water sports, and many more.

Memories of childhood are those most treasured, seeks to fill with joy vacation smaller. Will thank you forever.

Accommodations to go with children in tenerife

The first thing to evaluate is your place of lodging. For such a large resort, Tenerife has the best hotels you can find. But you should also assess options where children have activities and facilities of the highest quality:

  • Hard Rock Hotel: Located in Adeje. Not only rooms are ideal for the whole family. It has three common rooms, one for children 6 months to 6 years; other children from 4 to nine years and the last in a range of 10 to 16 years. All ages have their place.
  • Mediterranean Palace Hotel: Is a five-star resort in Playa las Americas has everything you need for a dream vacation. It is ideal for small children and large contracts. With separate for each age and reenactors that fun areas.

These are alone two choices of many there. Think big for little kids. You can also know the Best Jacaranda, Iberostar Las Dalias or Be Live or Family Hotel.

Tenerife: more than a sunny break

The beach is the main attraction of this island. Its landscapes are beautiful, its clear and refreshing waters. However, its beauty is not only in the sea. Dare to know Teide National Park.

Teide is a magical place that nature gives you. Do not miss the opportunity to stroll through the volcano consecrated as Cultural Heritage. Take your kids to breathe the fresh mountain air.

Ways to explore the volcano and its surroundings vary depending on your preferences. The options you have available are:

  • Go in your own car.
  • By bus.
  • In the cable car.

Guided tours are perfect if this is the first time you go to Teide. Infants can learn from the history of the place while exercising and having fun.

You can take your children closer to nature by touring this beautiful landscape. There are many ways to visit. Your children will ask to come again without any dudes.  

If you make the decision to take the cable car it is recommended prior planning. Buy tickets well before and shelters the little ones who will accompany you. But be sure to go up and know the immensity of nature, your surprise and gratitude be enormous.

Activities you can not miss

Another route that your family can not miss is the one that makes the island of La Gomera. It is an excursion takes one day at least; it takes only 50 minutes by boat to reach it. Once you are in the island you must know these places:

  • Mirador Alto de Garajonay.
  • Garajonay National Park.
  • San Sebastián de La Gomera: There go long to explore the small capital and show kids the local culture.

Make guided tours for your children to have fun learning this beautiful island views. Travel time varies according to the places you want to see.

A marine experience that should not escape it: Take your kids, nephews, children, friends, a kayak or yacht. This itinerary will surprise you when you see swimming in the clearest waters, dolphins and whales. It is an opportunity in which we’ll take you by the hand to ensure your safety and comfort.

You will see in a very close distance to beautiful dancing mammals in their natural habitat. It is a unique moment that will remain etched in the minds of your family for a lifetime.

The sea is the best choice in many cases. With such incredible beaches are:

Of course, as this is a touristic island (one of the most visited around the world), you can see that going to the beach is an activity that you and your kids can’t miss.

Relaxing by the sea while sipping exotic drinks is an option for you, but your children will want to live the sea in all its senses. Therefore it takes into account the water sports Tenerife offers little ones:

  • Surfing: 8 to 11 years.
  • Kayak: 6 to 12 years.
  • Diving: 10 to 12 years.
  • Kitesurf: 7 to 12 years.
  • Crazy Ufo: From 10 years.
  • Fly Board: From 16 years with parental permission.
  • Parascending: From 8 years.

Do not stay with just one. Choose packages that combine these sports at sea. You take your family memories in every possible way and learn a new skill.

But not everything is in nature. Water can enjoy it in all environments. Water parks are found in Tenerife as fantastic as its beaches and mountains. Take your children to a day full of games, slides and pools.

  • Siam Park: Water park recognized as the best in the world. With attractions to relax, share with family or living adrenaline.
  • Oasis Los Gigantes: Enjoy the best waterslides, combined with overnight facilities. Pay day or stay to sleep.
  • Aqualand Aquapark: Safe environment to enjoy the facilities with your children. A water park for all ages.

The moments you spend with your family are the most important. In this article we attempt to let you know the best vacation experiences in Tenerife. We hope you help. It is sure there must be many more. Count them in comments and share the most beautiful, funny, adventurous places in this region.


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