Free Tours on Tenerife: Meet the Island Without Spending a Dime

Contrary to what you may think, it’s possible to make quality tourism in Tenerife in a very cheap way. In fact, you can do it for free
There are a lot of touristic routes and guided visits to different regions of this canarian island, that will make you meet every beautiful corner that it has to show you: Historic places, beaches, attractions, and much more

If you’re planning to visit the island, taking guided tours and walks through it is a must, so we made a list with some of the most popular free tours in Tenerife for you and you company to take.

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Which are the most recommended guided tours in Tenerife?

As there are many more available, we are going to show you some of the most recommended tours in the island by us and of course, from those visitors that already took them.

Historic Route Tenerife

Just as many european cities, Tenerife counts with an historic center that has an easy travel, so every member of your family or traveling crew can take it without issues.

In this sector coexist modern restaurants and leisure places with centenary buildings, which are emblematic and representative from this little capital. Inside it you can have kind like a flashback on how Tenerife was back in the days, but with all the facilities and progress that this magical island has achieved.

Normally, this guided route would cost 3€ per person, and a special price for residents that it just 1€. However, it will always be free for the touristic bus clients.

The historic route has its meeting point next to the touristic bus main stop and in the path you visit the ancient part of the city with places and buildings that have an important value for it: Spain’s Plaza, Iglesia de la Concepcion’s Plaza, La Noria Street, San Francisco’s Church and others.

Parque Garcia Sanabria Route

Garcia Sanabria Park Free Tours

This is a short walk through a park that has almost 100 years of existence and is also the biggest off all canarian islands. Urbanly talking.

Inside you can find lots of exotic species, which have been perfectly studied and don’t represent any danger to you and your company. Probably the most emblematic point for residents is De Las Flores’ watch, that will be probably the place where you are going to have your trip’s picture from.

There are other stuff you can make if you want to meet the park more, such as having a drink at its terrace and enjoy the view, or in summer enjoy some summer cinema nocturnal sessions with company.

You can have this amazing route for free, and the meeting point is at De Las Flores’ watch and as the principal parades from the route there are: Fertility’s Central Source, Monument to the Cat Sculpture, Tribute Sculpture to Gaudi, Domingo Perez Minik Walk and much more.

Puerto de la Cruz Free Tour

Walks in Puerto de la Cruz

Sadly, there are not representative free tours available in the Puerto de la Cruz zone. However, who says that you cannot build your own walk by knowing which points of interest you have to go to?It’s totally possible to take a tour this way and meet some of the most important parts from Puerto de la Cruz for free.

If you want to start your journey, you need to go to the following places:

  • Botanical garden: Built in XVIII century as a need for acclimating those vegetable species that used to come from remote places, the botanical garden is now an important touristic placewhere you can find two hectares of only exotic trees. It’s important to highlight the big variety of: Palm trees, bromeliaceae, aracea and moraceae.
  • San Amaro’s hermitage: Once you have visited botanical garden and taking advantage of its proximity, is necessary to go to San Amaro’s hermitage. This is the oldest hermitage in whole Puerto de la Cruz, and shows how buildings were in Tenerife in years near to 1951.
  • De la Paz balcony: This is one of the most emblematic viewpoints in Puerto de la Cruz and Tenerife. It offers an incredible view directly to the Atlantic Ocean, Martianez Beach or part of the city. It’s important for you to go if you’re looking for tranquility and peace.
  • Las Cabras road:After having some beautiful views from the city, you should enjoy everything Las Cabras road can offer. This is basically a parade we make to taste one of the best delicacies in Tenerife, which is “zaperoco” or its without liquor version “barraquito”. Being an important aspect from the entire Canarian Islands’ culture, this drink with coffee, condensed milk, cinnamon and other ingredients is a must if you visit Tenerife.
  • Las Palmeras ride: A centenary walk which has 300 meters in straight line of pure incredible gardens and palm trees that will lead us to our next place, Martianez Beach.
  • Martianez beach: As the last parade of the walk through Puerto de la Cruz, you have the beach that is downstairs of its own cliffs, that have an enormous ethnographic, geological and ecological value. Once you get there you can decide enjoying the beach and the activities it has to offer you, or you can just keep admiring Puerto de la cruz’ beauty.

Guided Visits in San Cristobal de la Laguna

Tours in San Cristobal de la Laguna

La Lagunas’ city hall organizes various guided routes that you can take advantage of to meet the historic former capital of Tenerife. All of them, with a walk through the historical set of the zone.

If you didn’t know, UNESCO declared the historic center (old part) of San Cristobal de la Laguna, as humanity’s cultural heritage for all its emblematic corners that are pretty attractive for all the visitors and residents.

The routes are made daily in spanish, but they also can be done in english, german and french. Each one has a one hour length to enjoy part of what San Cristobal has to show.

The meeting point and start is at General Captain’s house of tourism office. Any visits for groups (such as schools, associations or travel agencies) must be requested through email and are confirmed in a 48 hours period.


Contact: Tourist information office, general captains’ house (La Carrera ST, 5)

Phone: 922 63 11 94


Price: Free

As you may see, it’s totally possible to meet one of the most important touristic places in the world without having to spend money. And that isn’t everything, you can enjoy a lot and see places, buildings and nature spectacles that are simply unique.

We are going to be updating this article to keep helping you to find some amazing ways of meeting Tenerife that are accessible and show you the greats of this Canarian Islands.

If you have already taken some of these free guided tours in Tenerife or others, share your opinion with us! In that way you can help other visitors to have a better point of view about them.


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