Puerto Colon Tenerife


Summer comes and it is time for new adventures alive. Nature gives you endless options to explore, but you must face them in the hands of the best services we can offer you.

One of the most beautiful places you can visit, and from there explore other is Puerto Colon Tenerife. With our luxurious ships you can have a pleasant ride full of comfort and luxury.

A heavenly dream you can make reality at the south of the island, specifically in the municipality of Adeje. From there a lot of boats to venture out to sea. In addition to a port that accommodates not only ships but arouses emotions with all the activities offered to you.

Dream landscapes, exquisite meals, taken experiences of a movie you can enjoy guided us. You take the hand on this incredible journey, to take you wherever you want on the south coast of Tenerife.

Only 16 kilometers from Reina Sofia Airport find the Puerto Colon, with a boat ready to take you to enjoy the sea.

Luxury and fun at sea

It is a point of encounter culturally very helpful. There arrive ships that come from all over the world. You can meet all kinds of people and learn from their hometowns. Live firsthand with the customs of different countries with boat trips we have prepared for you.

Puerto Colón is also full of such beautiful places like beaches. The perfect combination for your dream vacation. Take your family, or just treat yourself to one of these points to preserve your scrapbook.

Luxury living to walk in our yachts without worrying about anything, rather than enjoy. We have for you ships equipped with the most modern and quality appliances. Experience the comforts of home at sea, bathrooms and laundry for those who have arrived from a long trip and want to relax with a soothing motion of the waves.

However, not everything is calm and quiet. Adventurers can also participate in fun-filled rides. If you like marine life you will not want to stay in your cabin.

On our walks on yachts are the most incredible scenery, but top it off, too, you’ll learn about whales and dolphins. Yes! These majestic mammals give a spectacle worthy of a fantasy.

Surprise yourself by having a row in front of you watching dancing on the big stage of the blue sea, accompanied by friendly dolphins.  

In addition to see and admire, you can participate in water sports. We want to have fun with all your senses and that the ocean is the protagonist of all your experiences. Therefore we invite you to try any of these activities for the whole family:

Flying over the sea is what the parascending represents. Browse waves as if it were a meadow with jet ski safari. Jumping into the sea with the whole family, nearly a roller coaster that’s the crazy UFO. Controls the water as if it were your super power with the fly board.

Both at sea and on land enjoys the Puerto Colón

This south coast of Tenerife not only offers fun and unforgettable moments at sea. The land invites you to visit the towns that are part of a cultural paradise. Bars, hotels, cafes, and many more. A palette of options for travelers who indulge in pleasure.

If you’re a lover of good food and never miss the opportunity to know the best restaurants in each place you visit, we leave some options on the coast of Adeje:

  • Carlos: Delicious Mediterranean food, acclaimed by all visitors. Located at Av. Colon, Atlantis Mall. luxurious atmosphere for the whole family.
  • Bombay Babu: exquisite Indian food with impeccable service. Visit them on Valencia Street and discover the flavors of Asian culture.
  • Bar Keep Smiling: a modern and dynamic place to have some fun while testing its wide variety of food and drinks. Located on Valencia Street.

There are many options out there in this place with a magical vibe, even in their food. do not stop visiting the gastronomic meeting points that best suit your needs, there is something for everyone at the best price and quality.

Do not forget the people you left at home and take a walk through the wonderful Square Mall del Duque, close to the beach that gives it its name. It is a complex of shops high and midrange. Mix the quiet of a beach place with the luxury of high fashion houses and products of better quality environment.

You can get gifts to take home to show everyone that you spent unforgettable holidays. The end of your shopping trip you can take a walk to the seaside to relax your feet in the sand of Playa Del Duque, just 11 minutes by car.

Complete your experience in Puerto Colón choosing the best place to spend your evenings and relax. Many hotels you can find in this paradisiacal coast. Here we leave more travelers recommend:

  • Sunset Harbor Club: 3-star hotel facing the sea. Rooms and apartments to choose which best suits you.
  • Iberostar Las Dalias: 4-star accommodations in a luxury resort with everything you need to satisfy your needs and more.
  • Iberostar Bouganville Playa: 4-star experience, overlooking the sea, the rest you deserve on your vacation.

South Tenerife is the favorite tourist spot for many, that gives you unforgettable moments in and out of the sea. extreme sports, delicious meals, luxury rides. Runs along the sea in our boats and have an experience to frame your most important memories.

All services and activities are done thinking about you. That’s why we choose the places recommended here with dedication to publicize the best. We hope you enjoyed this article and you want to venture to visit Puerto Colón; that surely will be one of your favorite destinations.

Know your opinion is the most important ever. Knowing your impressions or experiences and feed quality of recommendations; is the basis of any service. Thank you very much for reading these words, which were made thinking of you, your family and your holiday. Leave comments on the sites mentioned here you like and what you’ve known you there!


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