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If you plan to visit Tenerife you can not miss Puerto de la Cruz, a small town with essence of fishing village located in the north of the island.

In Puerto de la Cruz you’ll find one of the most important cultural centers as the best display of vegetation. It is one of the most beautiful places on the island and is ideal if you are after a quiet holiday away from the hustle.

There is a lot to do, read on and find a list of the best attractions and activities to do in Puerto de la Cruz to make the most of your stay.

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What to do in Puerto de la Cruz?

Complex Costa Martiánez

This is one of the tourist jewels of Puerto de la Cruz. Also known as Lago Martiánez, this is an artificial lake that has 4 swimming pools for adults and 3 for children.

It is surrounded by bars, restaurants, solariums and exotic gardens designed for the enjoyment of visitors.

On the other hand, it has a wide variety of sculptures, chaired by volcanic stone.

Here you can enjoy the best views of Mount Teide, a casino and an unbeatable atmosphere of fun.

Botanical Garden

Also known as Garden of La Orotava Acclimatization, it is a large garden which hosts more than 4,000 species of trees and plants.

Here you can see important collections of tropical, subtropical and species of great ornamental value from many parts of the world plants.

Loro Park Tenerife

This is a zoo considered one of the best in the world.

It houses more than 500 species of exotic animals, majority threatened or endangered, all in exact recreations of their natural habitat.

Among the animals are dolphins, crocodiles, jaguars, monkeys, whales, turtles, herons, and the protagonists, parrots.

On-site you can stroll through the underwater aquarium, which is accessed through a tunnel, the bat cave, the Orca Ocean, a recreation of the African savannah and many more.

Plaza del Charco

If you want to feel the true essence of the place you can not miss this place.

Here comes together all the cultural life and also it has a lot of cafes, bars and restaurants. It is perfect both to give relaxing walk during the day and fun at night.

It is one of the most vibrant nightlife sites of Puerto de la Cruz and many offer live music. Once you’re there you can not miss the “Dynamic” bar.

Beach Garden

A complex designed by architect Cesar Manrique, is a black sand beach where you can enjoy seawater waterfalls, gardens and artificial stone caves.

It is divided into three sections, Playa del Castillo, “Charcón” beach, Playa de Punta Brava is also accompanied by a promenade leading to beautiful gardens, various terraces and cafés.

Playa Martiánez

One of the most traditional and quiet of Tenerife and the first to be visited by touristic beaches, is next to the Costa Martiánez complex, there is practiced surfing and bodyboarding.

Going to the beach is definitely the best thing to do in Puerto de la Cruz, to get relaxed and live a wonderful experience.

Paseo de San Telmo

Goes through the coastal edge of the city and there you will find numerous shops, restaurants, bars and ice cream parlors. Through it you can access various sites:

  • Playa San Telmo: Bringer of the Blue Flag distinction whose main attraction are the natural pools formed on the rocks
  • Ermita de San Telmo: One of the most interesting points of the city, is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors, San Pedro Telmo. There is Punta del Viento’s viewpoint, where you have incredible views

Church of Our Lady of the Rock France

Located in Plaza de la Iglesia, this temple contains a large artistic and religious heritage inside and is one of the most important and beautiful city.

There you can see numerous ancient sculptures, as well as paintings by Luis de la Cruz and Rios and Manuel de la Cruz, it is also home to The Image of Virgen del Carmen.

Taoro Park

It has beautiful gardens, waterfalls, gazebos, trails, bars, restaurants and terraces, tranquility reigns here and the best views of the city.

It is divided into: La Atalaya, former Casino Gardens and the Ring Road.

Has British heritage, it is why in the vicinity can see several examples, such as the Anglican Church. You will find the Water Garden of Risco Bello and Sitio Liter Garden.

Wide range of museums in Puerto de la Cruz

In Puerto de la Cruz you find a very cultural city, so you have a large number of museums.

Archeological Museum

There you will find different exhibitions about the history and Canarian culture and Guache’s town.

  • Parish Museum of Sacred Art: It has a wide collection of elements of the Temple as the original paving slabs, old books Eucharistic celebration, silver chalices and the Cross.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Eduardo Westerdahl (MACEW): Located in Casa de la Aduana, the oldest building preserved in Puerto de la Cruz. The collection consists of works of the twentieth century of national and international artists.

Trips south of the island

When you’re in Tenerife also worth visiting the south of the island, there can perform various activities including boat trips to see marine life.

Navigating have the opportunity to see whales, dolphins and sea turtles in their natural habitat, with the latter you can interact if you decide to snorkel.

You also have the option of visit places such as Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes cliffs.

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You can choose from sailing boat to motor yachts, all fully equipped and with no crowds, because our tours allow up to 11 people per house.

We also have the distinction of “Blue Boat” by the maximum guarantees that we both tourists and animals.

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Tadpole neighborhood

This old fishing district is one of the most charming of Puerto de la Cruz.

There are the best shops, restaurants and one of its main attractions, street art.

This thanks to the Port Street Art initiative, launched in 2014, by which the district has become an open-air museum.

You can view the 17 murals in a short guidance tour with map on any tourist office.

Meet nearby places

Puerto de la Cruz also has a privileged, next to other interesting places on the island, such as location:

  • The Villa de la Orotava: Where you are the most important historical center of the Canary Islands.
  • Teide National Park: Spain’s highest point which you can access by cable car or on foot.
  • Icod: Here you will see the majestic Millenary Drago.
  • Garachico: A historic village with buildings of great value.

Visit the various restaurants

This city is the highest density of restaurants on the island, so you have many options, among the best are:

  • Restaurant La Gañanía: Delicious local food and tasting menus starting from 30 euros.
  • Restaurant La Parrilla: Specializing in grilled meats, fresh fish and excellent wine.
  • Restaurant Magnolia: Noted for its culinary delicacy.
  • The Oriental: You find the best dishes from Thailand.

We hope this brief overview has helped you plan your next vacation and you will be encouraged to visit Puerto de la Cruz.

If you already know and want to make any suggestions, leave it in comments! Remember that your opinion you can also help others to have the best experience.


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