Best Beaches in Tenerife

BEST beaches in Tenerife

With almost 400 km of perimeter, Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands archipelago.

This paradise is the favorite destination for millions of tourists due to its subtropical climate with temperatures that do not fall below 22 °, as well as exquisite cuisine, natural wealth and the tranquility of its people.

But especially for the wide range of beaches that offers views to the north, with crystal clear waters, stunning views and infinity of activities.

In this island there is water for all tastes, here you will find a list of the best beaches in Tenerife.

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What are the best beaches in Tenerife?

If you’re planning to go to Tenerife, you can’t lose the experience of going to its beaches. Here is some of the best you can find.

Los Guíos beach or Los Gigantes beach


It stands out for its views towards Los Gigantes cliffs, one of the emblematic landscapes of Tenerife.

It is an urban beach and is in a very busy area of ​​the island near the Puerto Deportivo and “Poblado Marinero”. Among the things that make a beach so special can be highlighted:

  • Very central location, parking for vehicles and intercity bus access on lines 473 and 325.
  • It is prepared for the access of people with disabilities.
  • Fresh fish restaurants near the beach.
  • It is next to the port of Los Gigantes, where excursions are made to watch dolphins and cetaceans, as well as to see the “La Masca” ravine, “La Punta de Teno” and “Barranco de los Gigantes”.
  • Activities such as diving or snorkeling can be done.
  • Rental of water bikes, boats and kayaks.

Masca beach


It is totally wild with black sand and calm waters.

It is characterized by being very peaceful and the cliff views that are simply incomparable. It also has an extension of almost half a kilometer and is located in the municipality of “Buena Vista del Norte”.

It is isolated and there are two ways to access, a path of a descent path that starts at the “Teno de Tenerife” Rural Park; to be there, you need to have a car, the tour lasts between four and five hours.

The other way is by sea, taking a boat in “Port of Los Gigantes”. What many people prefer is to do the tour and return to the ship, but you have to book the place in advance and it has an approximate value of 10 euros.

Beach of the Teresitas


It is an artificial beach with golden sand brought directly from the desert of the Sahara, has palm trees and calm waters thanks to the levees installed to attenuate the waves, is ideal for the family.

It is located in the town of “San Andrés”, among the attractions of this beach is:

  • Access for the handicapped.
  • Surveillance of lifeguards.
  • Varied food stalls, from typical dishes to cafes and bars.
  • Children’s area.
  • Rental of hammocks, diving equipment and skates.
  • Equipped with bathrooms, showers and telephones.
  • Easy access by urban bus through line 910 and ample parking area.

Benijo Beach


If your thing is the tranquility and the beautiful views, Benijo Beach is for you, because of its location in the “Anaga” Rural Park.

It offers stunning views of the “Benijo Roques” and the “rapadura”, as well as sunsets that will leave you breathless.

It is a wild black sand beach that is very popular between tourists. It is a bit isolated, about 40 minutes by car from the most touristic areas of the island, you can also take the bus line 949 and access is via a safe path of 100 meters of steps that is next to the road.

In the surroundings there are several restaurants that are worth visiting like “El Mirador” and you can leave the car on the road or in one of the restaurants.

Duque Beach


This a South Tenerife beach, in the Municipality of Adeje.

Is 390 meters beach, not very large but attractive, with calm waters thanks to the breakwater that protects the waves and quality services that earned him the award of Blue Flag, such as:

  • Access for the disabled, reserved parking, ramps and access walkways.
  • Wide promenade with exclusive shops, ATMs, shopping centers such as C.C Plaza El Duque, C.C El Mirador and luxury hotels such as the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque and restaurants and bars of high level.
  • Services of toilets, showers, changing rooms, cleaning, bars, ample parking area and rental of sun beds and umbrellas.
  • Wide range of sports activities such as flyfish, jet skis, parascending, skate rental to get into the sea, among many others.

Bullullo Beach


This is one of the most authentic beaches of Tenerife.

With 300 meters long, is located on the slopes of Mount “Teide”, in the municipality of “La Orotava” and near the “Puerto de la Cruz”.

It is a beach of black sand and fine by its volcanic origin, it is wild but in any case it is popular with tourists and locals.

The beach has a food stand (chiringuito) where you can eat seafood or drink a beer.

It is one of the favorites of lovers of surfing and bodyboarding due to its high waves

It can be accessed by car, bus line 376 or walking from “Puerto de la Cruz” for a walk, has private parking next to a staircase that leads to the beach.

Los Cristianos Beach


Ideal for families and to spend a quiet day at the beach with an unbeatable sea environment, it is located in the municipality of “Arona”, in the town that bears the same name and also next to “Puerto de los Cristianos”.

This is a golden beach with calm waves, also easily accessible, both automobile and interurban bus with lines 473 and 467, in addition to ample parking, has various charms that will make your favorite:

  • Promenade full of shops and restaurants of typical and international food.
  • Great offer of water sports such as sailing and diving, where there are also schools that teach these disciplines and land as volleyball.
  • Numerous artistic and cultural events such as dance, theater, cinema and festivals such as carnival.
  • Boat trips departing from the Los Cristianos Seaport to emblematic places such as the cliff of the giants and excursions where you can see whales and dolphins.

El Medano Beach


A jewel in “Granadilla de Abona” Municipality and overlooking “Montaña Roja”, this beach that has the blue flag distinction, is one of the most frequented beaches in the south of Tenerife; it is very close to “Santa Sofia” airport and the bus stop. Among the attractions there are:

  • A large promenade with surf shops, cafes and numerous restaurants.
  • Offer of water sports that have to do with wind such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, important annual competitions are also held and there are schools and instructors and equipment rentals.
  • Wide parking area and easy bus access with line 116
  • Toilets, shower, changing room, telephone, tourist office.
  • Rescuers and local police.

Socorro Beach


Located in the municipality of “Los Realejos” in the north of the island and with a length of 400 meters, this magnificent beach has the blue flag distinction too. It is one of the few sandy beaches in north. It stands out among all, mainly due to the following characteristics:

  • Ideal for surfing and paragliding, there are three surf schools and equipment is rented.
  • Belongs to the beaches adapted for disabled people and has reserved parking, ramps and access walkways.
  • It is perfectly equipped with surveillance points, toilets, locker rooms, restrooms and lifeguards.
  • Restaurants, beach stands and a snack bar.
  • Youth entertainment zone.
  • It has Wi-Fi zones.

Have you ever been to any of these beaches? Do you know Tenerife and consider that some beaches are missing from the list? Leave everything in the comments! Your experiences can also be useful for other travelers who want to know the best of the island.


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