Teide by Night Excursion

As you may know, Teide National Park is possibly the main natural landscape in Tenerife. It has the biggest peak in Spain, and among all the possible tours that can be done there, there is Teide Sunset Tour.

In this post we’ll cover everything about Teide by night excursion, so you can meet this high mountain while the sunset falls.

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What is the Teide Sunset Tour?

Teide Sunset Tour is an opportunity for you to appreciate the immensity of this natural reserve under the stars and see how the sun goes down in these stunning rocky formations.

This national park has optimum atmospheric conditions for astronomical observation. In fact, it has been designated as “startligh destination”, where your professional guide will point the sky for you with advanced laser technology while explain constellations there and other relevant information about night sky.

In addition, three course meals are given while you’re in the highest restaurant in the park, which make this a complete tour.

Teide Sunset Tour itinerary

Teide Sunset Tour

The excursion has a lot of activities in its programm, which make it long (approximately 9 hours in total) so you have a lot to enjoy and learn in this excursion in one of the most important emblems in the island.

The followed itinerary is:

  • Pick up (for small groups)
  • There are various viewpoints where you’ll have the opportunity to rest and take photos
  • Professional guide will give you important information and facts about Teide National Park, as well as you’ll discover lunar landscapes in the mountain, surrounded by lava flows.
  • You start looking at the sun going down. While the sky is turning dark the people present toast with a glass of sparkling cava.
  • Three course meals are served with wine and also eligible coffee
  • The guide starts pointing at the sky and explaining the starry constellations, as well as other important facts
  • Tour finishes after approximately 9 hours

What does Teide Sunset Tours include?

Among all the facilities that the tour has, there are:

  • Transport for small groups (as explained above)
  • Guidance in the following languages: Spanish, english and german
  • Direct view to Teide’s stars with long range telescopes and also starlight guides
  • Caffetteria service (optional)
  • Cableway only as sunset without transporte nor astronomical observation

However, the key points in the trip are:

  • Enjoying Teide’s spectacle by night
  • Looking at the sunset in the highest point of the mountain
  • See and learn about constellations and the night sky

How to reserve for Teide by night?

You can make reservations for the trip in two ways:

The first is in its official webpage, which is https://teidebynight.com/en/book/ and there you can choose your dates and pick up points. for more information you can call to +34 922 73 96 60 or email them at info@teidebynight.com.

On the other hand, you can reserve through Volcano Teide’s official webpage. In addition you have some information that may be of your interest to get prepared to the tour and how they manage bookings.

Recommendations for the tour

Tour’s difficulty is low, so you don’t need any special preparation in order to do it. As common and general recommendations for it you have:

  • Use warm clothing
  • Take some water bottles with you
  • Wear sunglasses due the luminosity

Teide by night is and amazing excursion to appreciate Tenerife from the highest point. We really recommend you taking it to enjoy a completely different experience in the island.

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