La Gomera Tenerife

La Gomera is a canary island located near Tenerife, which is the smallest of the whole archipelago.

It has become a frequented touristic destiny thanks to its relaxed environment that, differently to others islands in Canary, makes it perfect to get disconnected from the world and take a rest.

It’s small extension makes it possible to travel La Gomera in just three or even two days. However, if you really want to meet what it has you should take your time because it is simply a incredible experience.

Things to do in La Gomera

La Gomera may be an small island, however, there is a big amount of places of interest that you can visit, as well as activities to do.

For this reason, we have categorized each one of them so you can consult the information way easier.

Natural landscapes / parks in La Gomera

Parks in La Gomera Tenerife

There are five commonly visited parks and natural landscapes in this small island. These are:

Garajonay National Park

Natural reserve that occupies up to 10% of the island’s total surface that has been declared by UNESCO as part of the goods that are humanity’s heritage.

Its extension is approximately of 3984 hectares and its peak (with a 1487 meters of height) is known as “Alto de Garajonay”, which is an amazing viewpoint where you can see the whole island and its landscapes. It has a very rich Flora and also a big fauna diversity that includes more than 1000 invertebrate species.

Roque de Agando

Roque de Agando is a phonological piton (a mountain, to be more simple) that has its highest point at 1250 over the sea level.

Just like Garajonay National Park, it counts with a big flora and fauna diversity that include uncommon and autochthonous species in the island. From Roque de Agando there are a lot of trekking routes that are very attractive for visitors.

It’s important to remark that Roque de Cano is considered as the most emblematic natural monument in La Gomera island

Majona Natural Park

With approximately 1757,1 hectares of extension, Majona is a natural space that has turned into a representative landscape when it comes down to orography, where units of large ravines have been carved due erosion.

It counts with a diverse weather due trade winds that have le to a broad vegetation where there can be found zones of:

  • Canary pine
  • Aleppo pine
  • Acebuches
  • Sabinas
  • And others

Inside this protected space there is also an small population that consists in 16 houses and 32 people.

Roque Cano

Natural monument that is over the slopes that surround Vallehermo’s urban helmet. It has become in part of the symbols and history of the island. In fact, it is considered as a featured municipality’s shield.

Degollada de Peraza’s Viewpoint

Located in Garajonay National Park’s entrance, is a place surrounded by a natural environment where you can take a look to the landscape. It has a lot of facilities such as:

  • Restaurant
  • Covered terrace
  • Wi Fi connection
  • Parking for clients
  • Much more

Beaches in La Gomera

La Gomera Beaches

An important section for all tourists and probably for you too. trekking routes are from the main attractions they have, so we couldn’t leave without covering them. In fact, some of them are amazing inmersion points for diving and inmersion points for diving.

In La Gomera there are a lot of beaches. Here we give 5 of the most popular to consider going.

  • Valle Gran Rey Beach: Valle Gran Rey municipality has become in the principal tourist enclave, being its beaches its biggest attractive. Its fine black sand and crystalline waters make a combination that, in addition to calmed waves make Gran Rey Valley amazing for taking the rest that you deserve. When we talk about Valle Gran Rey Beach, we really mean about many balnearys located in that cost such as Puntilla, Vueltas, Ingles and others.
  • San Sebastian Beach: San Sebastian is another beach classification, because the municipality has a lot of beaches that are very different between them. Encompassing part of the east, south and southeast of the island, in San Sebastian you can find a variety of nudist beaches and with a difficult access (geographically talking). Some of them can be: Aguila beach, Abalos beach, Guincho beach (nudist) and others.
  • La Caleta Beach: Known as as La Caleta de Hermigua beach, it offers outstanding conditions for taking a bath in its waters. It has black sand made of medium grains and low tides that are very recommended for getting in without any security problems.
  • Vallehermoso Beach: Beach that extends over 200 meters from the coast line with the municipality with the same name that has a strong swell all the year and counts with a maritime park (with included pool) and varied services. It has anchoring zones, restaurants, showers and other facilities.

Places of interest in La Gomera

Things to Do La Gomera

As other places that you may like to visit in La Gomera, there are 7:

Conde Tower

Small made of stone tower that was made in XV century that is located in a picturesque area with amazing views to the sea. Its function was principally to represent power of man and it used to have modern armament from natives.

Tecina Golf

Golf club where you’ll have the opportunity to play up ton 18 holes with views to the sea in an amazing complex that is located in Lomada Tecina, Playa Santiago, 38811 San Sebastián de La Gomera, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Even if you are not a big passionate about this sport, you can spend a good time by playing golf in this space.

Chorros de Epina

Small waterfalls that have an mysterious origin that, has become part of a tradition in the island that claims its waters have healing properties. In fact, there was a time where it was believe that they were miraculous. There a some myths and legends about them that definitely, make Chorros de Epina a must visit in the island.

La Merica

Natural and protected space where you can find vestiges of the historical past in the island. It is an incredible landscape with beautiful views that is oftenly highlighted by its visitors.

Archaeological Museum of La Gomera

If you passionate about learning ancient cultures, then this museum is perfect for you. There’s a lot of synthesized information that is a result of archaeological investigations and it shows have the first settlers in the island used to live.

Meriga Prey

Known in spanish as “Presa de Meriga”, it is a trekking route that has a very easy path and is constantly recognized due its magnific landscape around. The ride has an approximate length of 40 minutes and you can see a rich flora on it.

Colon’s House

Ancient house from the XVIII century where you’ll learn a lot of history about pre columbian culture. Although legends say that Cristobal Colon was there, it hasn’t been proved. However, it has a cozy environment that is worth visiting.

La Gomera may be an small island near Tenerife. However, it has more stuff to do than you think.

We hope this guide is useful for you and recommend a lot that you take your time to visit each of these sites to learn a lot about this tiny island.


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