Kayak Trips in Tenerife

It’s necessary to admit that Kayak isn’t an easy activity to do. Rowing and rowing for long periods of time can get your arms tired. However, the experience in going by this tiny boats through Tenerife’s crystalline waters is a must do in your visit to the island.

Not all the beaches in the biggest canary island are eligible for this activity due their natural characteristics. That’s why in this post we’ll teach you the best kayak trips in Tenerife and companies you can contact to do them.

Best Kayak Routes in the Island

There are many companies that help you with knowledge and equipment necessary to do the activity. In general it isn’t expensive and you last a considerable amount of time depending on the route you’re taking (if you don’t get tired first, of course).

NOTE: It’s important to aclare that we don’t have any side deals with mentioned companies. We only give quality alternatives based on services that will contribute to an unforgettable experience in the island.

Kayak route Los Gigantes

This is probably the most popular kayak place in the whole island. It has two possible starting points in the area.

Los Gigantes Marina

Being in the middle between “Barranco Seco” and Los Gigantes Marina, there is a completely sure and long water path where the route is made. It has a low difficulty.

You start coasting the impressive cliffs located in Los Gigantes accompanied by guides that will be monitoring you and also explaining curious facts about this natural landscape.

The best part of this trip is that when you reach “El Eco” Bay and a stop is made to bathe in its waters. If you don’t feel in conditions to do it, don’t worry, you can only sit down and rest until the come back.

This route is organized by “Teno Activo”, company that counts with two seater kayaks and also individuals if the group is odd.

Also, and although this is a very safe track, you’ll be accompanied at any time with a support boat and assistance against any eventuality.

Trip’s length is about two hours in total with a starting hour at 11:00 AM. It has an average price for no residents of 25 Euros per person and kids under 10 years, 5 Euros. It includes:

  • Support boat
  • Kayak, backrest, shovel & vest
  • 1 drink
  • Digital photos book
  • Tube and glasses

You can contact them by phone (Whatsapp) to 922 070 534 – 618000972 or by email to info@tenoactivo.com

Masca Beach

Organized by El Cardon, there is offered for people that descend by “Barranco de Masca” to go out in a Kayak trip From Masca Beach to Los Gigantes, in an adventure where you’ll enjoy the immensity of Los Gigantes Cliffs.

This is a complete excursion because you start with a hiking trail in an amazing mountain (recommended to go with some water and food supplies) and then you have the opportunity to row in the little boat and take a bath in these clean waters, as well as snorkel with glasses and tube.

You don’t need any experience to do this kayak route and the company give you all the necessary equipment to enjoy it the most. In addition, the have a security team with supplies for you to be completely sure.

Average length of the activity is 2,5 hours with a starting hour at 16:00. It’s important to know swimming (asked by the company).

You can contact them by phone to 922 127 938 or send an email: info@elcardon.com

Kayak in Playa de los Cristianos

Los Cristianos Beach is also an amazing place for kayak routes in the island. There’s a very popular academy called “Multiaventura Tenerife” that will give you the opportunity to sail these waters with all necessary equipment.

This company has multiple packages to give the most customized experience you can have in the island. They are:

  • Morning Kayak / Snorkelling Adventure: You have the opportunity to go early in the morning to row in “Los Cristianos” beach and be surrounded by dolphins and turtles.
  • Sunset Kayak Experience: In a trip made in hours where you’ll see the sunset in the island while you’re kayaking, you’ll also sea wildlife in Tenerife (don’t worry, is completely sure) and meet the open ocean with guidance and equipment given.
  • Kayak Experience Tour: In this excursion you’ll row in open ocean and meet the sea life around Tenerife. It is done in early hours and it is a regular tour perfect to relax.

Also known as “Kayak Academy Tenerife”, they have years of experience in the field and with all the packages they offer free photos. Prices in their tours are in a range from 35 Euros – 45 Euros and you can send contact them by Whatsapp to ask information to +34 642 89 33 73.

Kayak in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje Kayak Trips

As Costa Adeje is a very touristic zone, there are lots of kayak agencies waiting for give you a ride. However, probably the most popular and reliable one is calle Xplore Tenerife, organization that give different kinds of tours by kayak.

Before describing the options you have with them, it’s important to aclare that you can practice this sport at any time of the year in Costa Adeje. You’ll see incredible landscapes thanks to volcanic eruptions and erosion of the wind and sea, as well as places that aren’t accessible in other way that isn’t by sea.

Xplore Tenerife is a multi event company that allows you to make different kind of activities such as canyoning, snorkelling coasteering / cliff jumping and others.

You can kayak with them and get close to dolphins and turtles. What is to say, see how they live in their natural habitat.

Made near Los Cristianos, the activity start rowing about 25 minutes before starting to be rounded by pods of 30 dolphins. You don’t have to worry about anything because they are completely harmless! In fact, that’s an amazing spectacle.

Then, turtles usually join to the ride and even start swimming around you! As well as other marine species.
Being a low difficulty activity and with a minimum age of 14 (for Xplore Tenerife) you can contact them for more information by Whatsapp / mobile call to +34 695 509 239 or simply send a email to contact@xploretenerife.com.

Kayak Route in Punta de Teno

Kayak Punta de Teno

As other of the most attractive kayaking routes in Tenerife there can be found Punta de Teno. It is near to Los Gigantes and there you’ll find some professional and experienced organizations in the field.

As one of them, you have “Planoram”, company that offers a kayak excursion over Punta de Teno, having the chance to see impressive landscapes in the island.

In addition to the kayak activity (experience is no needed), you have the opportunity of also bathe in its waters and practice snorkel to discover the island’s ocean floors. It lasts approximately 2 hours and includes:

  • Necessary equipment for kayaking
  • Guidance
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Photo book

You can see more information in their official webpage.

We hope this guide about kayak trips in Tenerife have helped you finding interesting routes and reliable companies to enjoy a good ride in the island.

If you have any dudes or already have practiced kayak in Tenerife, leave your comment below! We’ll gladly answer.


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