Swimming with Turtles in Tenerife

Besides having an approach to dolphins and whales in the island, its possible to swim with turtles in Tenerife and learn more about this tiny friends.

Turtles are a protected specie by authorities in the island, so its important that if you decide to dive into the waters of the island and swimming with them, be careful to not disturb their habitat.

With that said, in the following post we show you places to go swimming with turtles in Tenerife and what do you need to take in consideration.

Places to swim with turtles in Tenerife

Puertito de Adeje Turtles

Turtles can be found in a lot of points of Tenerife. However, there is a remarkable place where you’ll find an amazing ecosystem and facilities to having a approach to the specie in the island. It is known as “Puertito de Adeje”, which can also be found as “Puertito de Armeñime”.

Diving with big turtles in Tenerife

There is possible to find in Costa Adeje a secluded bay where you have a good inmersion point to dive and swim with turtles in the area. The turtles you find there have a big size and are uncommon to see, so you have an amazing spectacle waiting to be seen.

In “Puertito de Adeje” there is a well cared space and cozy beach with a bowed shape in the middle of the bay. It has crystaline waters where there are turtles that can reach up to 20 kg of weight.

In this inmersion, you can access from the beach or with a boat, with depths that go from 6 meters to 15 meters. If you want to make an activity that is optimum for your family, you can decide to snorkel because tides aren’t high and turtles are accustomed to humans. The interaction is amazing.

It’s important to avoid touristic boats that go frequently to the place. You can do it by going early in the morning.

More about the turtles in “El Puertito”

Calm and protected waters in the zone create a great environment for both turtles and humans to have a direct interaction. The bay is inhabited with 7 turtles that meet these high size conditions.

And that isn’t all, besides the famous turtles that there are in the crystalline waters, there are also plenty of fishing species that will decorate your diving experience.

The five species of turtles that are found in Canary Islands are the following:

  • Hawksbill turtle
  • Leatherback turtle
  • Olive Ridley turtle
  • Green turtle
  • Loggerhead turtle

Although loggerhead turtle is the most common specie in the island, in “Puertito de Adeje” its possible to find juvenile green turtles, place that can also be found as turtle bay.

Like it was said before, these species are protected by authorities because they are endangered or extinction. You can also help with their conservation by:

  • Don’t throwing garbage to their habitat
  • Don’t feed them
  • Be careful with fishing rods

Companies that specialize in swimming with turtles

Diving with Turtles Tenerife

Los Gigantes Diving Centre is the company that lead the excursion with turtles in Tenerife. The starting hour for the trip is at 9:00 am and it is located in the marina front of Los Gigantes.

They provide you with all the necessary equipment and knowledge to be prepared for the experience. For beginners there will be provided flotation jackets so they can feel more secure in the 45 minutes trip to turtle bay, where the inmersion will be done.

Once you are in turtle bay, the boat will be anchored for approximately 1 hour, having the opportunity to meet turtles in the area!

Snorkelling there have a cost of 40 Euros per person, with a maximum amount of 11 passengers. The excursion lasts approximately 3 hours.

Their contact information is the following:

  • Phone: (+34) 922 860 431
  • Email: divinglosgigantes@gmail.com
  • Website: http://www.divingtenerife.co.uk

Definitely, swimming with turtles in Tenerife is an experience worth to be done. Without any dudes.

We really recommend you doing this trip even with kids, because is completely sure and is a trip that fits to all the family.


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