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Whenever you think about going on holiday to Spain, the Canary Islands come to mind. People from all around the world come and go all year round because of their incredible weather, diversity, cuisine and landscape.

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Costa Adeje in Tenerife

The most extensive island of them all is Tenerife, with at least 906,854 inhabitants. On the south coast of Tenerife, there is a singular population entity from the Adeje municipality called Costa Adeje, one of the main touristic destinations.

Why is that? You may ask.

Well, that’s very simple: Costa Adeje is the perfect place to get away from all the noise and stress to simply enjoy nature and the luxuries that have been built around it.

Moreover, there is a ton of things to do in Costa Adeje, for any particular liking.

There are plenty of beaches, where you can lay and enjoy the sun or distract yourself and your companions with several activities.

There is also a mall, a movie theatre, clubs, different hotels with pools, restaurants and other attractions, gardens and many other places of interest.

It is a place calculated specifically for entertainment and relaxation.

Watersports in Costa Adeje

Watersports in Costa Adeje Tenerife

Being an island and everything it is only logical to assume that the aquatic activities are as common as breathing air, and there could not be a better assumption than that.

With at least ten beaches within its perimeter, Costa Adeje offers scuba diving and windsurf lessons, jet ski tours, yachts or motorboats. Kayaking, snorkelling, navigating on sailing boats, jet skiing and whale watching.

Your options are endless!

Tenerife Sailing Charters


If you travel to Costa Adeje to have an unforgettable trip then Tenerife Sailing Charters is an option that should not be ignored.

We are talking about an excursion or charter that is suitable for both family and friends, where you have the opportunity to navigate on one of the most beautiful seas in the world.

You can see whales, dolphins, turtles and more wildlife.

The sailboat departs from Puerto Colón, located right here in Costa Adeje, and drops the anchor in pristine bays so the passengers can go snorkelling with turtles and fish.

Watching whales and dolphins

What is more, with twenty-one species of cetaceans in the area, watching the whales and dolphins in their natural habitat is a more than likely possibility. Not many other destinations can brag about this kind of spectacle.

Taking pictures with these beautiful creatures and enjoying their freedom simultaneously is a one-time thing in life, so every single person that lands in Costa Adeje must definitely try it out.

Extreme water sports


Whichever you like the most you will have it. There is an activity for every taste, but extreme water sports are one of the most exciting and memorable things you could do.

They have the whole package: scuba diving and snorkelling with exotic marine species, jet ski and kitesurfing for the most adventurous ones, kayaking and paddleboards for families, fly boards and jetskis for those of wild young spirit. There is even a submarine trip for those who love the aquatic safari!

Beach activities

Most hotels or resorts tend to organize competitions and games for those who rather stay onshore. While the people that want to rest and take in the sun lay on the sand, the others may enjoy running, swimming, jumping and competing in all sorts of sports or maybe just have a drink, eat and party like Spaniards.

Places to visit in Costa Adeje

Deciding where to go and what to take pleasure in first is the biggest dilemma there is when on holiday in Costa Adeje. Because as we mentioned before, there is plenty where to choose from. However, let us start with the main topic: the beaches.

There is no need of leaving the area because you can enjoy a different beach for ten days straight. 

The best beaches in Costa Adeje

  • Playa del Duque
  • Playa Fañabé
  • Playa La Pinta
  • Playa de Torviscas
  • Playa Ajabo
  • Playa San Juan
  • Playa el Bobo
  • Playa de Puerto Colón
  • Playa Blanca
  • Playa Troya

Other Places you can visit

Now, if you found yourself looking for something more than hanging out in saltwater, that is ok, because there is also Siam Park, a water park that has been denominated by Trip Advisor as the best water park in the whole world. Its structure is inspired by Thai architecture and it has over twenty attractions.

But that is not everything Costa Adeje has to offer. You have Jungle Park and the Hell’s Gorge –in Spanish Barranco del Infierno-; they are perfect to connect with animals or nature respectively. There is also Karting Las Americas, the Golf Costa Adeje club for those who like golfing or even maybe the very same streets, which hold dear secrets about its people and culture.

The most recommended places by guides and tourists

Gastro Market El Duque

It is a great place to go for a bite or a nice cocktail. It is so greatly acclaimed because there is a great variety; of dishes from all around the world and the widest selection of drinks, but beyond that, there is also an area for children to go and play with other children.

It is a perfect combination, because every single member of the group gets to have a nice experience as an individual, but never apart and with a great live music show.

El Mirador Shopping Center

If you are looking for something traditional and indigenous El Mirador Shopping Center is a perfect place to go for a quiet meal in the evening and purchase souvenirs for those you left at home.

The place has a structure that evokes a typical Canarian village, with an artisan market and workers that often dress up to keep the experience even more realistic. Nevertheless, there are some international stores, such as SOBO, the oriental restaurant or the Italian one, Restaurante La Nonna.

Casino Playa de Las Américas

Nearby Costa Adeje there is Playa de Las Américas and in it, a very famous casino. If you enjoy the nightlife just as much as the beach, then this is the ideal way of spending your nights: gambling, drinking and maybe dancing. The attention to the customer is unquestionable, so we definitely encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Therefore, in conclusion, Costa Adeje has earned the popularity it has for not only its natural attributes –which are plenty- but also because of the many places and activities, it has in its repertory. The Canary Islands have a spirit you will not be able to find elsewhere, but Costa Adeje mixes that experience with its very own charm.

When you visit it make sure to go and see all of the wonderful places we recommended to you!

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