Best Places to Snorkel in Tenerife

Snorkelling in Tenerife is a completely different experience due all the landscapes and maritime species that you can see from under the sea.

As Tenerife is an island, there are many points where you can take some time to go deep and see what it has to offer. However, if you’re a beginner is necessary some guidance so you can be safe while you do it.

Here we are going to tell you some of the best places to go snorkelling in this canarian island so you can keep in mind what to expect and how to be prepared for an experience that is worth to try.

Best beaches to snorkel in the island of Tenerife

Snorkelling in Yellow Mountain (Montaña Amarilla)

Snorkel in Montana Amarilla Tenerife

Yellow Mountain -or as its original name: Montaña Amarilla- is a volcanic ash formed hill that, as its name explains, has a yellow color and is sculpted by erosion that is very popular in the zone for both beauty and touristic activities that can be done there.

Amazing volcanic reefs and a large rocky python with caves and arches are just some of the things you can find there, because there are also many maritime species in their natural habitat that makes yellow mountain an unique point of immersion.

Departure can be done from land but it’s more comfortable if done from “Las Galletas” marine, where over a mile and a half after start the boat is anchored at Yellow Mountains’ bay.

One of the main aspects that make this point of immersion one ideal, is its weak tides and average depth of 15 meters, which can enlarge up to 25 meters in some points.

This excursion is great for both experimented snorkelers or beginners, where in the darkness that is within the caves and the surrounding sand, there can be seen maritime species such as:

  • Garden eels (don’t worry these don’t have anything to do with the electric)
  • Angelfish
  • Tapaculos
  • Others

Puertito de Adeje

Puertito de Adeje Snorkelling

Located just 10 minutes away from Puerto Colon, Puertito de Adeje is a small bay where you can enjoy an immersion with more than 50 different maritime species to detail.

Anchor is done within the same bay with just 6 meters depth, and in the sandy bottom it is possible to reach largesebadales where you can see:

  • Mouses
  • Chocos
  • Spiders
  • Lizard Fishes
  • Seahorses
  • Mullets
  • Much more

Also, next to the veril there can be seen octopuses, hens, alfonsiños, trumpet fishes, fulas and much more. However, the probably most relevant aspect in Puertito de Adeje are the green turtles that live in the zone and constantly traveling through the divers.

Maybe the only negative part that this immersion point has is the low visibility under its waters, although this is very known by authorities so they equally guide you well and also there aren’t any dangerous species there. However, it’s good to be well prepared for the session to avoid any issues.

Snorkel in Muelle de Radazul

Muelle de Radazul is another popular immersion point in the zone, which has an easy access because it’s done from the beach. It is so popular that there are three available diving companies near it, so you have some options where you can choose from.

The place is amazing for snorkeling even if you are a beginner or expert in the activity, which is surrounded by sand, piled rocks that are port protected, is highly protected and is also perfect for nocturne immersions.

Here you can find a lot of maritime species that may not be found in other places in Tenerife. Some of them are:

  • Atlantic castanets
  • Sardines in shoals (big quantities together)
  • Bicudas
  • Trumpet fish
  • Stingrays (low frequency)
  • Other species

As it’s a beach’s immersion, the entrance is at 0 m. However, the maximum deep that it has is 40 meters, where you can find some amazing maritime landscapes that definitely, aren’t found in other points in Tenerife.

Punta de Teno

Snorkel in Punta de Teno

Punta de Teno is simply one of the best places in the island to snorkel. This, due it’s very safe conditions for all ages (even kids can snorkel from surface) and incredible views to the cliffs that are within the zone.

In Punta de Teno there are a lot of fish shoals that can be found, which become and spectacle for all snorkelers in the immersion point, where there are also some caves to explore.

The only negative aspect that it may have is that in some seasons there’s too much wind or tides are rough, but manageable. However, even with that, this is an amazing place to try snorkeling.

Regular parking and an easy access through its highway are two characteristics that makes this trip much easier.

Alcalá (Los Gigantes)

Alcalá is an small town located at the south of Los Gigantes, which has a very cozy beach where you can snorkel with some professional guidance and discover everything is has to offer as immersion point.

It is a very quiet place that is specially made for beginners in the activity, where they can have an approach to some maritime species previously explained and an amazing environment to develop it.

Definitely, there are a lot of amazing places to snorkel in Tenerife, a very attractive island for tourists around the world.

If you have already made this activity in your trip to the island, give us your impression! We’ll gladly hear your opinion and have some feedback.


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