El Medano Tenerife Things to Do

El Medano is a small city located at one of the southern points in Tenerife. Although it is does not form part of those municipalities in the island with the most places to go, El Medano is known for having clean, beautiful and cozy beaches as well as natural landscapes like red mountain.

In this post we tell you some places that you can visit and things to do in El Medano so you can meet the main touristic zone in Granadilla de Abona.

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Things you can do at El Medano Tenerife

Here we categorize each activity that you can do in the zone to make it easier for you.

Natural Landscapes

Red Mountain Tenerife

Red Mountain is the most remarkable landscape to visit in El Medano. It consists in a protected space with an approximate surface of 166 hectares. It represents one of the best samples of inorganic sand in the island where there are also wetlands.

Within the natural space there is a volcano known as “Red Mountain Volcano”, which has a height of 171 meters.

Is important to highlight the existent flora in this ecosystem, which has more than 136 different plant species such as:

  • Balancon
  • Lechetresnaz
  • Treintanudos
  • Others

When it comes down to fauna, there is possible to find different species of: Birds, fishes, mammals and others depending in the zone of the space that you are located. Also, the place houses species that are native from arid locations. Some of them can be:

  • Royal Alcaudon
  • Hoopoe
  • Trumpeter bullfinch

And probably one of the best things you can do in Red Mountain, is to put off your shoes and introduce you feet in its marine waters while you relax looking at the landscape, or maybe just walking in the sand. It is complete sure to be done and a outstanding experience.

Places of interest in El Medano

There isn’t a high quantity of places that you can go in this little town. However, there are two remarkable for meeting them.

  • Red Plaza: Small park located near the fishing village, in the northwest part of the town. Its name comes from the reddish pavement that covers most of it that certainly, gives the park an uncommon aspect. It is big, surrounded by buildings in the area, a cafeteria and it has an squared form. In the center of the plaza there is the “Monument to Magallanes”, and at the background there is a playing zone for kids. In this small park there are trees and benches where you can sit down and get relaxed.
  • San Pedro’s Brother Cave: Sanctuary dedicated to Pedro from San Jose de Betancour, which is commonly known as the saint brother Pedro, who used to rest there as a kid while he was taking care of his family’s flock. He was born in Tenerife and is commonly remembered as a helper for sick and poor people with his religious labor. Inside the cave there is a wooden sculpture next to the offerings that his followers make.

Beaches in El Medano

Beaches El Medano Tenerife

The main beach in the area is called the same way as the city, “El Medano Beach”. It forms part of the most magical beaches in Tenerife, even if you are passionate about aquatic sports or just want to spend a relaxed day with your family.

It’s important to remark that El Medano beach has been recognized with the blue flag distinction, which accredits to be a beach with high quality services within and a good care from the authorities. Its waters are clean and optimal for taking a bath.

This watering place counts with two peculiar facts: Its fine grey sand and the incredible views directly to Red Mountain’s volcanic cone. Both decorate the space incredibly for visitors, as well as all the stores, restaurants and cafeterias that you can find in the way.

As activities that you can do in the beach there are:

  • Windsurf
  • Kitesurf

In the basic services that you have access to in this beach there are:

  • Showers
  • Cleaning service
  • Tourism office
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Sunbed rental
  • Much more

Other beaches that are located in El Medano are:

  • La Tejita Beach
  • Leocadio Machado Beach
  • Confital Beach

As you can see, El Medano is an small town with a very relaxed environment and it isn’t like other places in Tenerife. However, there are some activities that you can do and have a great time in your trip.

We hope you liked this list with the most remarkable things to do in El Medano Tenerife and encourage you to visit them!


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