Things to Do in Duque Beach


Tenerife is the largest and most populated island there is in all Spain, so it is only logical to assume that it is also one of the main touristic destinations you could find in the whole Macanoresia region.

Right there in Tenerife there is an area called Costa Adeje, which is a singular population entity from the Adeje municipality that is perfect for escaping from stress and having some incredible relaxing time.

Costa Adeje is a very privileged area, and in it, there is “El Duque beach”, which is a beach that has a greyish sand, blue fresh waters and a very short distance to the most luxurious hotels, so there is always something good to do and something beautiful to see, whatever you prefer, but having a nice quality time its included in every single faucet of the experience.

You may be asking to yourself: Great, but how many things can you truly do in a beach?

We are glad you asked. There are a lot of things that you can do specially in Duque Beach.

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Things you can do in Duque beach

Riding a bike

This is the best option for those who want to get to know the coast and do some exercise at the very same time. El Duque beach and all the surroundings have several levels of promenades, so there are several bike hire places where to pick from.

Jet Ski Safari or Jet Bike trip

If you enjoy nature and extreme sports you most absolutely try out one of these tours. The Jet Bike circuit goes around the whole shore and its prices variate from 25€ to 40€. Now, when it comes to the Jet Ski Safari the price depends on the duration of the tour, and you could spend from 35€ to 150€.

Bahia Wellness Retreat Spa

Located in the Bahía from Duque Hotel, this spa offers a thalassotherapy circuit with water extracted from the ocean, a sauna, a Hamman and skin treatments made out of native raw materials from the Canary Islands, such as marine extracts, aloe vera and volcanic lava.

Enjoying from the main beach

​It may be redundant to encourage you to take pleasure of the beach but it must not be taken for granted, because the beauty of this place has only been increased by the luxurious constructions around. It is an organized beach, a place that has been devised for tourists to never forget their stay.

Shops to visit in Duque Beach

When people visit a place they never leave without a little something, so when you are at El Duque Beach and remember you want to buy something for those you left at home or for yourself, you can easily go to the Plaza del Duque mall.

There are shops of every kind: jewelry stores, international brands of clothes, at least six establishments of food, beauty salons and several services.

A few places we would like to mention are:

  • Plaza del Duque Pharmacy
  • Premium Café and Lounge
  • White Forever Hairstylist
  • Foot on Mars: sneaker store
  • Hugo Boss
  • Pandora (jewelry)

This place remains open from Monday to Sunday in a schedule of 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., except for the restaurants, that close at 1 a.m. (that’s a lot of time to enjoy).

Restaurants at Duque Beach

Café la Bahía

​This is a very Spanish place with accessible prices. It has a varied menu, it’s close to the beach and the house specialties are sandwiches and, of course, coffee in all its presentations.

La Torre Del Mirador ​

This eatery is a specialized in Mediterranean food and you can enjoy it whether in the salon or the terrace, wherever you prefer. Among its most famous plates there are: The pickled tuna salad, smoked salmon, the Bilbania and many others that represent the Canary Islands gastronomy.

Restaurant Sensu

If you are looking for a little Japanese food in all its maximum splendor then you have found the place that is perfect for you. It’s located in a place surrounded by vegetation, so the experience includes pure smells and a unique environment. The specialty is sushi, but they have a great sashimi on ice, mil creps and Japanese robata. 

Bars in Duque Beach

Le club Tenerife’s Best Beach Club

With four point three stars of rating, this place has the greatest vibes and the best cocktails. The bar is located in the “Fañabe” beach, which is very near from El Duque Beach; it has great music and good food.


Right there in El Duque Beach at the “Calle Bruselas”, this place offers a chart with gourmet products, wine, whisky and a great variety of cocktails. It can be a little bit expensive and fancy, but it is totally worth it. There is also a new Iberian section in the menu everyone should try out as soon as possible.

Parking in Duque Beach

If you go to the El Duque Beach and you have rented a car, you most certainly be wondering where the parking is.

That’s simple: There is an underground parking lot next to the beach, you just have to drive round the mall of the beach, past the “Gran Tacande” Hotel and beside the Portofino Italian restaurant you will found it.

When it comes down to prices, it can be a little bit hard to give you an exact one. But we can make sure that they charge standard rates.

Best Hotels in Duque Beach

Bahía Del Duque

This nine point five stars hotel offers elegant bedrooms and beautiful villas, whatever option you prefer. It is very big, with at least five pools to enjoy and a fitness center. The Bahía Del Duque Hotel has eight restaurants (including Italian and Asian restaurants), seven bars, whales’ observation, and many other enjoyable features. Prices start from €266 per night.

Vincci Selección La Plantación Del Sur

This place is only five hundred meters away from the El Duque beach and it has five different pools of its own, with gardens and solariums to variate. The rooms are very elegant and complete: they have plasma TV, Wi-Fi connection, a balcony and a gorgeous sea view. Prices start from 160 per night and can be more expensive in more luxurious plans. Fun fact: newly weds love this place.

So yes, if you want to have some marvelous vacations you should travel to Tenerife, if you would like to visit the best place of this island you have to go to Costa Adeje, but if you truly desire to have the best experience you could ever have in this corner of the world you need to be at the El Duque beach.

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