Swimming with Dolphins in Tenerife: Alternatives to a Forbidden Activity in the Island

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to swim with dolphins in Tenerife because authorities in the island take very serious this specie conservation, as well as their natural habitat.

However, it doesn’t mean you can be really close to them and even, having direct contact with these tiny friends.

In this post, we’ll be covering some alternatives to swimming with dolphins in Tenerife, so you can enjoy activities that involve this maritime specie and in addition to that, contribute to their wellness.

Sighting dolphins with Tenerife Sailing Charters

We offer tours through the island of Tenerife where is possible to meet all the charms that it has to offer, in addition to see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

In this way, you can see from a very close distance how all these animals live in the blue waters of the pacific ocean and interact between themselves.

You can see the possibilities we offer in our package sections, so you can choose one that adjusts to your needs and budget.

Important advice before sighting dolphins in Tenerife

To avoid any inconveniences in this kind of trip, it’s important to:

  • Keep the distance: As it’s prohibited to have direct contact with this specie, it’s good to keep a good distance to no interfere with their regular activities.
  • Navigate in slow speeds: To appreciate very well dolphins it’s necessary to avoid high speeds. In addition, it’s good to keep them low to prevent accidents.
  • Avoid maneuvers and sudden changes of direction: To prevent collisions or disperse dolphin groups, it’s recommended to do this.

Approach to dolphins in Aqualand

Encounter with Dolphins in Aqualand

On the other hand, there’s an aquatic park located in the island that is called Aqualand, which has available for public an approach to dolphins, so visitors can learn how do these animals live, eat and many other aspects from their life that are very interesting to learn.

Basically, in this program that Aqualand has, visitors can be dolphin trainers for a moment, while they have a lot of fun.

This exhibition has as main objective to aware people on dolphin conservation and learning more from them by having direct contact.

As you can see, swimming with dolphins in Tenerife may be an prohibited activity. However, you can still enjoy from these adorable animals in other ways.

We encourage you to try some of these activities, so you can have contact with dolphins in Tenerife and have an amazing experience!


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