Beaches in Costa Adeje

As we have already written a post about the best beaches in whole Tenerife, we would like to be more specific and tell you a little bit about beaches in Costa Adeje, a highly touristic city in the island. In fact, it could be the most visited of all due the big quantity of tourists that go there.

Some of the best watering places in Tenerife are found there and no just that, they tend to have stuff like restaurants, malls, historical places and way more around them. That, without counting all the facilities that authorities give to visitors to enjoy them the most.

In Costa Adeje there are a lot of beaches that can be visited, most of them located in the same coastal line. However, here we are going to tell you the most recognized of them.

Best beaches in South Tenerife

Near Costa Adeje there are approximately 10 beaches (this because you can differ about the exact location of each one of them). Here we’ll explain 6 of them. Let’s say they are the most popular.

Puerto Colon Beach

Located at Costa Adeje’s center, Puerto Colon Beach is an amazing place to go with family due its calmed tides and variate activities to be done around it. From water sports for the oldest and children’s park for the youngest.

We have wrote a post about Puerto Colon Harbour explaining a lot about it and also giving a detailed description about its Nautical Club, which is one of the most exclusive in the whole island but with facilities that are accessible for the public.

If you decide to simply go for a swim in its calmed waters that are perfect for a relaxing day, it’s important to remark that you’ll have an approach to a fine and soft white sand with a clean aspect.

Also, there are a lot of excursions that can be done. For example, we give tours around the whole island (sailing from Puerto Colon) to see dolphins and whales in their natural habitat with snacks, beverages, qualified crew and much more! It is an amazing experience and let you meet Tenerife from another point of view.

Del Duque Beach (Playa del Duque)

Duque Beach Tenerife

Great beach if you’re a sun and relax lover with all the facilities include in a very well cared beach by authorities. It’s important to mention that it counts with the blue flag distinction, ¿What’s that? An accreditation that guarantees a high quality and cleaned water and also on its services.

It is located in a very touristic zone in front of some of the most exclusive hotels in the area, with a greyish sand that borders a coastal walk that connects with eight more beaches (as told above).

It has an approximate length of 390 meters, more than 100 parking places and some services such as:

  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Changing rooms
  • Cleaning service
  • Telephone
  • Bars / restaurants
  • Sunbed and umbrella rental
  • Much more!

Bobo Beach

Bobo Beach Tenerife

Beach that counts with a volcanic origin located also in a centric location in Costa Adeje that offers a variate amount of services such as “Del Duque Beach”. On the other hand it adjoins to a maritime avenue where you can find different restaurants, bars and recognized stores.

In fact, this is – along with “Troya” beaches – one of the beaches in the island with more touristic history, where you can just take a break from stress or have some adrenaline experiencing some aquatic activities.

In “Playa del Bobo” you have the opportunity to experience a walk through its maritime avenue where you’ll find restaurants, bars, stores and other facilities this urban beach with big infrastructure near.

Pinta Beach (Playa de la Pinta)

Beach that counts with a beautiful promenade that surrounds it that contrary to other beaches in Tenerife, has a great environment in the day and also night.

Pinta Beach has a cozy golden sand and quiet tides thanks to its dykes installation that makes it amazing to go to a relax day with family and friends, as well as its strategic location, that is next to Puerto Colon. As explained above, one of the main ports in the island.

Pinta has most exclusive hotels in the area and activities to be done that makes it very attractive when it comes down to them. Some can be:

  • Parascending
  • Scuba diving
  • Jet ski
  • Inflatable castles in the water
  • More!

Troya Beach

Troya Beach South Tenerife

When we talk about Troya Beach, there are two with the same name (I and II), and they are the most traditional beaches in Tenerife. Amazing for you if you’re a waves, fun and tranquility fan.

These beaches also count with the blue distinction flag that accredits them to have an optimum water quality, as well as its services. They have volcanic sand (it isn’t hot, don’t worry) and calmed tides which is a great place to go with family.

It has an approximate length of 650 meters which makes the beach relatively long. If you want you can complete your visit with a walk through its promenade where you’ll find malls, apartments, ATMs and more!

Enramada Beach (Playa de la Enramada)

Small beach made of volcanic stones at the island’s south specially quiet where you can be in full contact with nature. Its sand is made of its own crushed callaos, a fact that gives and peculiar aspect to the beach with its black sand.

The biggest part of the year it counts with calmed waves, although in some seasons surfers get there because of its high quality waves due the volcanic rock background.

Something unforgettable about this beach are the stone mounds formed by small towers that are in the callaos zone. Visitors have placed them in different heights and create a colorful spectacle that gets better at sunset.

These are some of the best beaches in Costa Adeje, which are very popular and recognized by visitors, as well as well cared by authorities.

We encourage you to to to… ALL OF THEM! They are the most in the same coastal line and if you’re in the zone is not hard to reach them.


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