Hiking in Tenerife: Best Routes in the Island

In tenerife you can find a several amount of paths that lead you to amazing landscapes to enjoy in the island, with stuff such as rocky formations, numerous vegetation, exotic animal species and much more!

As we have already written a post about trekking in the island, it is not the same as hiking in Tenerife. Well, this activities have some essential differences.

Here we tell you everything about hiking routes in the island so you can see Tenerife from another point of view.

What’s the difference hiking and trekking?

In order to aclare this point fast, trekking consist in walking to paths that are more difficult than hiking. They demand more physical effort and you can go through places without a defined route. Differently to hiking that is way easier than it.

Best hiking routes in the island

Tenerife has a lot of mountainous formations and paths to go through. Here we give you a list with five of the most popular.

Of course, some tours are harder than others but, in general terms, the have a low difficulty.

Hiking in Teide Mountain

Teide Hiking Route

You can access to an extense hiking network from Teide National Park, which make easier to access some points of interest in the island.

There are lots of guided routes organized by organizations with years of experience and helped by authorities in the island. A complete different experience of meeting Tenerife. It’s important to mention that some of them are auto guided paths, while for others is necessary some guidance.

Some of the routes you can do are:

  • Risco Verde (2 hours approximately)
  • Arenas Negras (approximately 3 hours)
  • Majua Mountain (6 kilometers in total)
  • Roques de Garcia (2 hours and a half)
  • Others

In this mountain you can find a varied ecosystem where you can see exotic animal species and a big flora diversity. If you reach the top of the mountain (that can just be done with a guided tour called Teide By Night), you’ll see the entire island. Well, it is the highest peak in whole Spain.

Rambla de Castro Walking

Rambla de Castro is an easy path worth to be done in Tenerife with all the family, which is located between Los Roques beach and San Pedro viewpoint. There you will see incredible vergels that go along the way with a big flora diversity.

This route can be done in various ways that can make much longer or shorter the trail. The path that we propose here has an approximately 4.5 kilometers in total, in a path that while you advance more you go discovering a varied vegetation with species such as:

  • Cardones
  • Tabaibas
  • Dragos
  • Palm Trees
  • Much more

However, probably the most impressive views you’ll have in Rambla de Castro are directly to the ocean, which extension accompanies us along the way.

As an important fact about it, Rambla de Castro has a lot of history in the island, well, there you can find historical edification such as:

  • San Fernando Fort
  • Castro’s House
  • San Pedro Hermitage
  • Gordejuela Water Elevator

Masca Valley

Masca Valley Hiking Tenerife

This hiking route located at South Tenerife is the most famous and also the most hiked route in the island. In fact, there are a lot of tourists that tend to do it to reach Los Gigantes and from that point start a kayak trip to have a complete experience.

It lasts between 3-4 hours in a route that you go through the Gorge of Masca to start realizing that you’re surrounded by big stone walls. You can also see in this trip creeks originated by melted water from Teide.

You’ll see an incredible landscape from the top and as you go descending various vegetable species are getting discovered. Once you reach Los Gigantes, is common to go for a swim or as explained above, do a touristic tour.

To get to this place by bus, you have to take the 363 route from Puerto de la Cruz to Buena Vista del Norte and once you’re there, take the 355 route to Masca.

By car is probably a little harder because it’s recommended to park at Santiago del Teide and from there take the 355 bus to masca. Then, in the come back, taking the 325 bus from Los Gigantes to Santiago del Teide.

Barranco del Rio Route

This route has a total length of 5 hours (2,5 hours start and come back). It is considered as an intermediate difficulty path where you’ll see dry desert look alike zones, green spots and even the Barranco del Rio Waterfall. It is a diversified route in the island when it comes down to flora and fauna species.

Hiking in Anaga Mountains

Walking in Anaga Mountains

Going through Anaga Forest you have many trails where you’ll discover unique landscapes and views to the entire island. In fact, there’s not just one route that can be done from Anaga Mountains, but a lot. We can recommended you these two:

  • From Cruz del Carmen, passing Chinamada to Punta del Hidalgo: This route has an approximate extension of 10 kilometers (better for those people with more physical resistance), and it has an optimum climate condition with and incredible vegetation and various rocky formations.
  • From Cruz del Carmen to Punta de Hidalgo through Canal de Bejia: This path is longer than the other (12.7 km) and has an approximate length of 6-7 hours. There you’ll pass through natural tunnels and walk in old water canals finding in the top an incredible rocky formation.

This big mountainous formations have peaks where you’ll have incredible views of Tenerife, in an unforgettable experience.

We hope you prove at least one of this route and admire Tenerife’s beauty from a mountain’s peak.

If you’re already done one of the mentioned hiking routes in Tenerife of others, just leave you opinion in comments! We’re interested in knowing what do you think about them.


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