Anaga Tenerife

Anaga is a place in Tenerife commonly underrated and not too known as others already mentioned in posts within this web.

However, it has a lot of secrets that are worth to be told, such as Anaga Rural park, which is one of the most important trekking routes in Tenerife, that also counts with incredible landscapes and views that make visitors fall in love with them.

Here we, tell you everything about this park and what do you have to keep in mind before going there.

What is Anaga Rural Park?

Anaga Rural Park is a protected space that is located at Anaga’s assif. It has been declared in 2015 as biosphere reserve by UNESCO and is the place that counts with the highest quantity of endemisms in Europe. It’s a good introduction for what it has to offer.

It occupies a big part of the mountainous assif in the island’s northwest. The park has approximately an extension of 14500 meters of hectares and extends by the municipalities of:

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • La Laguna
  • Tegueste

How to get to the park?

Anaga Rural Park Location

By going in car, it’s possible to get fast to the park from Santa Cruz, going for the TF-11 (that unites San Andres and Santa Cruz). Then, going by the TF-12 up to Igueste de San Andres and El Bailadero. From that point, the TF-134 until Taganana, Almáciga.

However, you can also choose going to the park by bus from Santa Cruz with the lines 945 and 947.

From La Laguna there are various lines: 076, 077, 273, 274 and 275.

Going in bus gives the benefit of meeting part of the city in the ride. Something like a rural park.

What can you see in Anaga Rural Park?

Things to do in Anaga

Being in the park it would be enough just watching its impressive mountains over the coast. However, to enjoy really from all the landscape within it, you need to walk over its trails and get to any of the points with the fine and bright black sand.

It is defined as volcanic sand, in which is recommended put your shoes off and walk on it, as well as taking a bath in the atlantic waters it has.

In the highest parts you can appreciate the whole island with amazing views. On the other hand, there is a wet forest (laurisilva) that has survived over 40 million years and is right now one of the main attractions of the park.

As one of the oldest geological areas in Tenerife, being in Anagas’ assif is like making a trip to the past with all the commodities that authorities have added to it, so you can enjoy your trip the most. Also, is possible to find a very varied flora diversity there, such as:

  • Drago trees
  • Cardonal-tabaibal zones
  • Canarian palm trees
  • Much more

Talking about the fauna in Anaga Rural Park, there can be found over hundred of unique species in the world, in addition to a lot bird species like: Kestrels, owls, shearwaters and others. In fact, the abundant presence of these little friends have made Anaga a special protected zone for them.

There’s also marine fauna found in this part of the park, which is also important for authorities due the extinction danger that some of the species have.

Activities to do in Anaga

There a lot of options available to enjoy this biosphere reserve even more. Some of them are:

  • Trekking
  • Horse trips
  • Mountain bike
  • Diving
  • Going on sailboat
  • Water Skiing
  • Surfing
  • Others

There are other zones in the park that are protected, so their access is regulated by authorities. If you want to visit them is important to consult conditions through the Environment Area of Tenerife’s Insular Cabildo calling to 922843097 or emailing

Recommendations before going

Asking to authorities if you’re interested to access protected zones before going is important to have everything clear about them.

On other, everything depends a lot on the activity you want to do. However, in general terms we can recommend you to take to the park:

  • Sport shoes
  • Food and water
  • Phone
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap

Other things you can do in Anaga

Going to the rural park is not the only way of enjoying what Anaga has. As other activities you can do there are:

  • Going to Aguaide viewpoint
  • Visiting Benijo beach
  • Taking a bath in wild beaches (Tamadiste, Antequera, Ocadilla, Roque Bermejo and others)
  • Eating amazing in its restaurants (Casa Africa, Casa Nene, La Cueva and others)

Visiting Anaga in Tenerife is a must if you want to meet other place in the island that is not what you’re used to hear.

We recommend you visiting Anaga Rural Park and enjoying everything what this magical place has!


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