Jet Ski Safari

Feel the need for speed ? Well join us on our new sea doo super fast jet ski, enjoy a 40 minute, one hour or 2 hour safari, single or double ,thrilling ride to remember. Visit amazing caves, beaches and Los Gigantes. Have a time of your life.



Ready for take off ? One of our most popular activities, fun for all ages, try parascending it´s fun in the sun. See Costa Adeje from a new view. We take you from Puerto Colon to a nice area just off the coast, where our experienced crew will fly you above the blue waters.

Fly Board

Join the newest craz, our profesional instructores will help you soon be hovering above the Atlantic Ocean in your James Bond flying suit. Take the challenge, we dear you! We are sure you can do it, its fun and the adrenaline rush is amazing.

Crazy Ufo

Ready for some action? Great for all the family, it´s like an updated banana ride, faster, bouncer and more fun, it´s what holidays are all about. Crazy fun in the sun, we promise you a great bump in the sun . Ask about our water sport packs.

Traveling can be your greatest pleasure. Know new places, culture, people and live new experiences to tell all your friends. The memories of your best moments are in those activities where you dare to more.

Tenerife is one of those destinations in which, in addition to knowing the culture; landscapes and other important aspects; you can also enjoy an incredible experience in regards to water sports.

Water sports in Tenerife

There are many activities that can be done to give your vacation a different touch. Water sports in Tenerife are one of them. Welcome to an amazing place that offers beautiful beaches that invite you to live the adventure.

Tenerife is known for its paradisiacal landscapes, white sand and crystal clear sea. Also for its notes parties full of people from all over the world who share the fun. Perhaps, what you didn’t know is that this beautiful island has fantastic water sports to do.

To the south of the place, which invites you to live a dream of action, you can dare to build memories that you will hardly forget.

You don’t need to be a great expert in living this experience. There is a water sport for every member of the family, no matter how old.

If you are a lover of adrenaline or want to know, do not hesitate to try these water sports in Tenerife.

Which water sports can you do in Tenerife?

The south of Tenerife gives you the best vacations where you can experience water sports such as:

Each one is different and gives you an incredible experience. Do not forget to try all for your family album this full of emotion water activities of this paradisiacal island.

Summer brings the joy of the sun that warms your skin, invites you to jump into the sea and refresh yourself. South Tenerife’s beaches are ideal to spend this season and to go to the fun without limits.

Water sports are that extra fun that your family, and you, need. Do not let fear stop you from trying new things. The vacations are not only to rest, also to live experiences full of adrenaline.

It is important to mention through our website you can make a deposit, which can be canceled in advance and the day chosen to do the activity is completed in cash to make the procedure much easier.

We invite you to embark on the adventure of trying to leave the common holidays.

Jet Ski Safari

As well as touring the savannah, Great Plains or High Mountains, you can take a walk by the sea. This experience gives you control of the tour of the water in a sophisticated jet ski.

Take a short 40-minute walk, a half-hour walk, or a two-hour walk. Lose yourself in the beauty of the sea of ​​Tenerife as an adventurer, accompanied by that special person or just like you.

We guide you throughout the tour, so you do not miss the most beautiful details of the coast of a dream island. Check the prices per person on our website and book your fun.

There are several planes so you can make the most of the Jet Ski Safari, starting at € 70 per person onwards.


Floating in the sea is already a beautiful experience, full of peace. Imagine flying in the air on a crystal clear sea and white sand. No matter the age, it is an activity designed for the enjoyment of the whole family from the age of eight.

Look at the incredible landscape from the heights. It is very safe and simple. The trained personnel will hook you up and place the necessary safety equipment. You just have to relax and enjoy.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best activities you can do during your holidays in Tenerife. Not only because of the adrenaline that the Parascending brings with it, but because of the panoramic view that you can have for this region of the Canary Islands.

If flying is not your favorite activity you can stay in the boat, see how your partner floats 10 minutes through the air while you do it for an hour at sea without hesitation.

There are several planes available for you to get the most out of Parascending. These can be found from € 20 per person onwards.

Flight board

Adrenaline is one of the main characteristics of sports and aquatics are not far behind.

By means of an engine that guides the water through hoses you can send with the power to fly and control it yourself. You have 10 minutes to enjoy water’s propulsion.

If you are 18 or older, it is the activity you were looking for. But if you are 16 years old, you can do it with an authorization from your parents. It does not require previous experience and be guarded at all times by an expert.

You will feel that you can control the water to fly over the sea of ​​Tenerife. An experience recommended by all that that the test. Fly as if it were an action movie.

You can enjoy the activity of Fly Board for a price that starts from € 75 per person.

Crazy UFO

In this activity the family can come together to live an experience charged with energy and adrenaline.

All members aged 10 or older, are candidates to dare to be taken by a rope attached to a large pad where they will be seated. They will jump and rise above the sea, like a roller coaster.

Laugh will be the protagonist of this funny and familiar memory.

All the activities and adventures can be combined, so you do not stay with the desire to try any. Check prices and possible mixes. Plan the memories you will have all your life, for you and your family.

You can enjoy the Crazy UFO experience for just € 15 per person and up. This activity is for people over 10 years old as explained above.

Tenerife: paradisiacal fun

If your getaway from the daily reality is to the south of Tenerife, do not pass by this island without trying these sports in the sea. Both adults and children will appreciate a plan with these sports adventures.

The fun is within the reach of a click. You just have to choose the activity that you like the most or adapt to your family group. The next step is to make a partial deposit so that on the day of the adventure you only cancel the remaining cash. Ready!

Do not leave the opportunity to spend a unique time. Reserve moments full of adrenaline. Treasure in your memories the way in which the sea and you can be allies for maximum enjoyment. Take the opportunity to try water sports in Tenerife.